February 22, 2012

NJ Wedding Photographer | Zely & Bryan


It had to be one of the coldest days of winter. The wind blew feverishly leaving its evidence on your nose and cheeks. And the overcast skies threaten us with rain. But this was not going to stop Zely. This was her day. After getting ready at Hair Ambition, we headed to the church where her future husband, Bryan, was waiting for her.

It was a small and intimate ceremony. It only consisted of Zely and Brian’s family. Something I’ve considered doing myself. It has a different feel when it’s just the closest people to you. It’s personal and genuine love fills the room. Hm, it’s not too late to edit my guest list…

After the intimate ceremony, we drove to the Rutherford Train station where we grabbed photos of the bridal party and the newly weds. I felt bad; the wind was so unforgiving. However, that didn’t stop Zely from jumping around, to keep warm, and it sure didn’t take that smile off of her face. She was a champ! So with 15 mins on hand, we made the best of the bridal portraits.

Congratulations Zely and Bryan. I wish you guys a life time of happiness!

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