February 23, 2012

Panera Date


It’s already February. No, the last week of February… Where does time go?! I don’t think I’ve ever been as busy as I’ve been now. And it’s during those times that I need to remind myself to set time aside for Jorge. Yes, he’s with me when I travel and during the weekends. But it’s different when I’m focused on photos or working around the house. I’m there, but I’m not really there. Does that even make sense?

So to make up for my “absence” I told Jorge we should grab some bagels and coffee one morning. Of course his teasing remark was, “Oh, let me check my schedule.”  I realized how awesome my husband is. Not once has he complained about me working my butt off. He’s even offered his help when he can; he’s the best one-man-support-team anyone can ask for. But shame on me, I need to put more cuddle time into my schedule!

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