February 14, 2012

My 1 in 10,000


It’s one thing to tell someone you’ve been with your husband since you were 16 years old. But to actually sit back and think about it… I can’t help but think, Wow. Our relationship is like finding that 1 pearl after looking through 10,000 oysters. It’s rare, genuine, and precious. Granted our parents have been together for 20+ years, but when they met, they were in their 20’s. For me, when I turn 36, I’ve been with my husband for 20 years! There’s a jaw dropper!

We met at no other place than I would have liked to met my future husband, in the house of God.  To go into details of how we met would be a length of a short story, so instead of sharing every vivid detail, I will spare you and give you the short-short version of it, haha.

I had noticed him around church a few times but we have never spoken before. Our unspoken glances was broken the day my mother decided to sit behind him and his family. I thought nothing of it. Throughout the whole service my friend had noted how many times he looked back at me – I of course, was acting oblivious to the fact this handsome guy kept turning my way – told her he was probably interested in her and she was mistaken. Boy was I wrong. Without a word, he turned around and offered me a fruit-filled mentos. Shy from his sudden… generosity? I glance at him and smiled. I thought, just an act of kindness. However, he failed to offer my friend a candy. She made sure I was aware of this.

After service ended, I quickly ran to the church store; I wanted to return the candy he had given me, it was my way of saying Thanks, but no Thanks. Only if I wasn’t so quick to eat the candy he originally gave me! When I found him and returned a piece of candy, he just stared at me. No words were exchanged. He smiled. That heart melting, inviting, sexy smile. Then introduced himself… Jorge.

From that day I gained a new friend. My friend became my boyfriend (after his few attempts of asking me out, haha), my boyfriend became my fiance, then my fiance became my best friend, my half, my love… My husband.

Word can not express how much you mean to me, Jorge. We’ve been through so much together. We fought, we hurt, we cried, we struggled, we survived, we grew, we laughed, we learned, we succeed, but most importantly, we have each other. I’m so blessed that I’m in love with my best friend. And as each day passes, I love you more and more. Thank you, for everything. You are my 1 in 10,000. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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