June 8, 2016

Old City Summer Engagement | Tom & Holly



As soon as Holly made eye contact with Tom, she instantly broke into a smile. Her fiancé kept true to his nature and made taking photos at downtown Philadelphia light and fun. I’m sure that’s just a few of the many reasons why she was marrying him. Holly who is gentle and kind-hearted was immune to Tom’s antics, making them one fun pair to spend an afternoon with.

Starting at one of their favorite parks, we talked about the details of their wedding day. Since Holly is a graphic designer, she has the DIY gene in her blood! The best part was that Tom was into it as well! Not many guys are into the details of their wedding day. But the sweet couple took being a team seriously — making them that much more adorable! Here are some favorite from their summer engagement!


I find it so sweet when a couple enjoys something together; and it’s something that the other person was into first then brought the other on board during the relationship. I believe the key to any relationship is embracing your love’s interest. Tom has a love for comics and games, so we stopped at Brave New Worlds in Old City to incorporate the couple’s favorite place into the session. I’m not going to lie, I totally started drooling here, so many comics!




These two. Gah!!! I love how infectious their laugh were.


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