June 8, 2016

Sandy Hook Beach Engagement | Mike & Anna



To say it was easy to be around Mike and Anna would be an understatement. They are the type of people that almost anyone can be friends with. Not only are they down to earth but their sense of humor makes it comfortable to be around. As soon as I learned that one of Mike and Anna’s favorite movie was Step Brothers, we legit became best friends at that moment! Pun intended. ;)

I always encourage my couples to pick a location that best reflects them. So when Mike had told me that they would like visit the same light house he proposed to Anna, it made me all warm and fuzzy inside!

The breeze was warm and the smell of salt was welcomed. Hot summer days were around the corner but on this day it was the perfect weather for a beach engagement. As the handsome couple joined hands, they look up at the same light house that Mike asked Anna to be his wife. When their eyes found each other, they were all smiles. Isn’t beautiful how something simple like a light house can hold so much meaning to a person?

Mike brought the skates he made for his groomsmen. How awesome is that!? One of their favorite hobbies is the skate around with their friends.

Oh, Anna! You are stunning, girl!

Their summer wedding is going to be beautiful, just like these two beautiful souls!

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