February 27, 2012

Shoot the Shot Workshop


Last Monday I had an awesome privilege of being apart of Isabel March’s, Shoot the Shot Workshop. I registered for the class about a month ago. The first time I heard about the workshop, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to attend it. I didn’t know what to expect? And above all, I was nervous. I was nervous I was going to feel out of place. I was nervous I would be laughed at with my little experience. When I had finally worked up the courage to attend, it was past the registration date. I was bummed. Before giving up, I emailed Isabel, asking if there was any chance there was an opening. With Lady Luck on my side, she had moved the date and so registration was pushed back. I knew I had to take it; this was my chance.

The day before the workshop, I must have checked my camera bag about 10 times. I was scared I was going to leave something behind. I was excited all week leading up to the night before. Then I started to feel sick and uneasy. What if I gained nothing from this? The question Jorge had asked me a few days before started to ring in my head, What was the point of this?

So what was the point? Well let me tell you. Everything. I made new connections. I learned how to deal with future clients and existing ones. I learned about networking. I gained more insight on business. I met great photographers. And best of all, I learned to develop my brand, my style. Something I’ve been searching for. I just needed that push of confidence and that’s what I got from Isabel’s workshop.

Another little something I learned was to be myself! After meeting Isabel, her personality totally shocked me. I remember I kept thinking to myself, is it really ok to act yourself when conducting business? And it is. She was crazy outgoing, she expressed her self vividly (haha) and she was up front and honest. Don’t get the wrong impression, while doing all of this, she still held an air of professionalism. However seeing her as a successful photographer, amazing at what she do, it worked. It worked for her. Meanwhile, I felt that I’ve been reserved,  acting more like a customer service representative rather than being myself. So moving forward, I’m taking a sip of that kool-aid juice!

I would like a BIG thanks to Isabel, for everything you taught us. For sharing your knowledge. For caring. Not only are you an awesome photographer, you are also awesome as a person. I hope we meet again! And a thank you to my fellow photographers, for sharing your experiences and opening up. It’s not easy cause we are all in the same business, but there is enough cake to go around for all of us. I hope to see you guys again and I wish you guys the best!

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  1. Isabel

    February 27th, 2012 at 8:54 PM

    I am soo soo glad you came out! It was fanfreakin’tastic meeting you! The shots look awesome and I totally expect great things from you!
    Much love!

  2. Nicole

    February 27th, 2012 at 11:10 PM

    Love the pics and I am SO HAPPY that you took the workshop and that you really got a lot out of it. I can’t speak highly enough of Isabel and all she has done for me. I am looking forward to what the future holds for you because I know its a lot of love & success :)




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