June 23, 2011

Maternity Portraits | Jane Martinez


She is due a month from now! My best friend, Jane (friends since 1st grade) is having a baby! It’s so unreal. When you grow up with someone and experienced almost everything together; when you hear the word pregnant, for some reason it takes longer to process. Right now I still can’t believe she’s 8 months in. She looks fabulous and has more energy than ever. For some people they have a easy going pregnancy, that’s Jane. She hasn’t had much problems such as morning sickness, lost of appetite and so on. I hope when the times comes for me, I would be lucky to have a smooth pregnancy… fingers crossed!

Since I knew the baby was due in July, I pulled Jane out of her house to take pictures by our old elementary school and an old park we used to hang out at. It was nostalgic. The games we played such as red rover, freeze tag and dodge ball. The mini crushes, the crazy history teacher Mrs. Blake (very raspy voice from smoking) and the sloppy joes from the cafeteria. It all came back to me, I couldn’t help but smile. Now it’s time for her child to create his memories.

The last photo is of┬ámy niece Lillian, came along and was my little assistant. While she was resting for a moment, I had to steal a shot of her. Isn’t she gorgeous!

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