July 15, 2011

NJ Portrait Photographer | ALA Senior Formal


My sister’s formal was coming up, and I’ve been harassing her to show me what she was going to wear. One month before the event she had nothing! I’m sorry, but I had my dress about 3 months before my prom or Jorge’s prom; every girl gets excited! Well almost every girl, excluding my sister Destiny. She had that, eh, I’ll get one when I get one attitude. If only if I can be as relaxed as her, ha! She’s not a worry-wart like me, I always get nervous that I might forget something.

On top of helping my sister get ready for her formal, I also had the honor of photographing the students arrival, poking their partners with boutonnieres and was able to get some portrait shots. It was the help of my sister that the school/church contacted me and asked me to be their photographer. It was a great experience and I’m grateful I was able to catch my sister and her friends look fabulous. Hope you guys had a great time!

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