May 26, 2011

A new edition to the family


Just a few days ago, we got a new addition to our family, Lulu, a full breed German Shepard. My sister’s friend dog had a few puppies and thankfully we convinced my father to buy one in time before they were all adopted. My family have a thing for German Shepards; the last one we’ve had was when I was young, until about 6-7 years old. Her name was China, an amazing, protective and beautiful dog. But she had a skin disease which my parents couldn’t watch her suffer any longer and decided to put her down. I will forever remember China, there is something about German Shepards that you can’t help but put all of your trust into them. They are truly loyal dogs. I hope as Lulu grows up she becomes just as much as an amazing dog as China. Until then, it’s spontaneous potty breaks, biting my toes and her puppy breath!

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  1. Vinny C

    July 5th, 2011 at 6:57 PM

    OMG amazing pictures you took and the dog is sooo dam beautiful.. Great job V!!




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