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Birthday, Goals & Sneak Peeks

I’ve been surviving the last couples of days on coffee, espresso shots, and red bull. I’m sure that’s not good for my body but for desperate times calls for desperate measures (I’ve always wanted to say that!). Between my birthday, work, packing, engagement sessions and moving, boy did it work! I was super woman… until the crash kicked in. Sigh.

Last Monday was my 26th birthday! It’s official, I’m on the other side of the tracks of 20’s… from here… it’s all down hill… Kidding! But I do have to admit, past a certain age, time seems to be progressing faster; making it that more important to enjoy every moment of it. I have yet to set goals that I would like to accomplish before turning 27. I’m hoping to find some time this month to sit down and think about it. In the mean time, I’m going to enjoy my birthday month.

Photo courtesy of my husband Jorge. I like to mark each birthday with a photo. Happy birthday to me!

Some more exciting news is my blog is back up and running, and with a new look! I’ve changed the look of my blog so many times this year because I had a hard time showcasing my work. And since I’m still in the building stages of my business, I needed an affordable method of rebranding myself. So with that said… drum rolls please… ba-da-da-da-da-da… Ta-da! You are looking at a new, clean, and chic website of Vanessa Marie Photography! I hope you like it, it took me 3 weeks to put together. I wanted something bright and easy to navigate, so I found a template and made it my own.¬† I’m excited! :)

I mentioned earlier of all the craziness. Seriously, I don’t know how I’m functioning right now. Last week, we had a total of 16 hours of sleep. 16 hours! Do you know what little sleep does to a person?! Makes them loopy! Well, in my case it did. It was it hard to focus at my day job, and at home, we’d pack and paint until 3 AM each day. I gave zombie mode a whole new meaning. But thank the Lord we’d survived and got everything done before the deadline. We are now moved into our little apartment in Phoenixville which is a whole new project of it’s own, which brings me to this month’s goals.


1. Get organized! I have boxes covering every inch of the apartment and it’s driving me bonkers! I need to pace myself from sorting the boxes or I’ll end up tired and overwhelmed again.

2. Paint, Paint, Paint. It’s time pick my color pallets and pay Lowes or Sherwin Williams a visit.

3. Health Kick. I’ve been making excuses since the beginning of the year but I need to start healthier eating habits in our household. We don’t eat bad, but we don’t eat good either. Hello juicer, goodbye Doritos. :(

4. Change of Address. Part of the reason why I hate moving is updating everything! Ugh. I wish there was one button to change everything at once (I need to get on this pronto and not wait 6 months to update my license, no bueno).

5. Map out trips. Last year we’ve didn’t get to travel too much because of poor planing. This year we want to visit Lake George again and take a trip to the Niagara Falls.


1. Shoot 3 upcoming engagement sessions. Super excited for each one!

2. Research for my first stylized photo shoot.

3. Network. I met one new photographer who I will be working with later this year which I can’t wait. I love meeting new people in the industry but I need to branch out more.

4. Organize the new office! This one I’m excited for since I get to decorate and order my first sample album.

Now to close this post with a sneak peak of what’s to come this week! I had fun session shooting at the Longwood Gardens with Eji and Yomi — one of my favorites!

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