October 31, 2012

Album Crafters


Classic and simple. Just the way I like my albums. I ordered my first album from Albumcrafters last month. I have to admit, I’m super excited! It makes me feel legit; and trust me, to use the word photographer still makes me cringe.

A lot of work goes into producing an album, but it is so worth. What better way to showcase your photos other than an album? Your pictures are printed on matte thick paper (there is a proper term, I’m sure) and they have tons of selection for the cover. Recently, I made an album for one of my clients as a gift to her husband. I’m so glad she’d opt for an album. After I created templates for the album spreads, I uploaded the templates to a site where she can approve the spreads or note down which image she wanted to swap. After her approval, I uploaded the templates into Albumcrafters’ FTP server then received a confirmation email that all my files were uploaded successfully. It was user friendly and customer service was awesome. With a turn around time of about 5 days, I had the album packaged and ready to ship by the 6th day! I had the option to deliver directly to the client, but I wanted to see my first album. I have to say, I’m proud and impressed of the quality. So worth it!

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