November 2, 2012

Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding | Kelly & Sam


It was my first time working with Nicole and I was nervous wreck. I woke up that morning in a cold sweat and shaking. I had a nightmare that night that I ruined everything, from the bride’s dress, dropping Nicole’s equipment, to bumping into the cake. Yeah, it was that bad. I’ve worked with other photographers before (less than a hand full), but my fears got the best of me. Here I was, a non experience photographer, with an opportunity of shooting with a talented wedding photographer. That was it, I felt so unexperienced. I didn’t know what Nicole expected from me — I met her by chance on craigslist, a rare but good oppurtunity. After a few e-mail exchanges, she looked at the little work I had, she then offered me to be her second shooter for the season. My first thought was, “this is not happening!”

In July, the wedding of Kelly and Sam, you’d be happy to hear that I didn’t ruin the dress or cake nor did I brake anyone’s gear.  I survived. How? From the encouraging words and support from my fiancé. Jorge reminded me to have fun and give it all I got. Of course I’m not going to be good right away… it was about the experience. And he was right. It also helped that Nicole was so easy to work with, she didn’t huff and puff when I didn’t understand or when I made a mistake. Instead she took a moment and explain what she looked for throughout a wedding day. Not only did Nicole ease some of my fears, Kelly and Sam were so awesome! Kelly who was so kind and sweet was nothing but smiles. The beautiful bride that she was also had a beautiful heart. And Sam who wasn’t as shy after spending a bit of time with him, was a funny and cool guy.

Yes, it’s a few months later, but here are some of my pictures from the beautiful Kelly and Sam’s wedding.

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  1. tga

    November 4th, 2012 at 6:33 PM

    well i think you did a great job!!! i love the color in your photo!!




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