October 29, 2012

The Inn at Millrace Pond Wedding | Ellen & Brian


When she told me about Brian, I knew he was the one. Don’t ask, I swear I have like a 6th sense for these things. Ellen shared her story of their brief relationship in college but ended because it wasn’t the right timing. A few years down the road, through mutual friends, they rekindled their friendship — that’s when new and old feelings started to flood back. After hearing about Brian, I notice a change in Ellen. She seemed happier, upbeat and energetic. That’s what love does to you. It changes you. And I watched Ellen change, something as small as hearing Brian’s name, a smile would touch her lips. She was a woman in love and she didn’t know it yet.

Ever since their surprise proposal, I’ve been waiting for their invitation in the mail. And not just for the food and cake! But to witness two amazing friends become one. No words can ever express the joy I feel for these two. Not only was it great to see a beautiful love unfold, but I’ve been waiting to say this line, “I told you so”. There I said it, I feel better now.

As a guest of Ellen and Brian’s wedding, I took a “few” pictures. I’m not going to lie, the photographer in me came out.


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