May 5, 2011

Spring at Penn State


Patient I have been… patience for spring to come, the perfect weather in my book; where it’s 70 degrees, not too hot or cold. This year it feels as though mother nature was doing her own thing; the crazy winter storms, the flooding and the up & down weather changes. Also what come with Spring are finals. Most schools and students are preparing for finals. I visited Jorge this weekend, who was part of the many students studying their butts off, to help him with the cleaning of the apartment and packing. This is his last semester and he graduates in two weeks. He’s been in the zone the whole time I was there, until I interrupted him and said, “It’s not good to stare at the book hours at a time, take a mental break!”. And that’s when we went to campus, in the gorgeous 75 degree weather, to enjoy a walk and some ice cream. Without him saying it, I knew it what was he needed.

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