March 9, 2011

18 is something to celebrate


Since the beginning of last month my sister has been marking each day down in her calender and today the day has finally arrived. She turns 18. I remember how excited I was when I turned 18, I can imagine she feels the same way. 18 is a symbol for a lot of things; you can come home a little later, you’re considered a young adult and you no longer need adult supervision for most things.¬† It’s the beginning of your young adult life, the responsibilities increase as well as the trust from your parents. But if I can tell her one thing, don’t be so eager to grow up. Stay young and in mama and papa’s care as long as you can, it makes life just a little bit easier and enjoyable. But she needs to find her own place in the world, I’m sure she will find out soon enough.

So I, the greatest sister ever, told her lets take a few portraits of her last day as a teen and her beginning as a young adult. We played with some makeup, found a spot in her room and snapped away. She also brought out the present I got her (of course, a camera!) and started to snap away at me taking  pictures of her, haha.

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