March 1, 2011

Soul Purpose Premiere 2011


I was 12 years old when I first started going to Nutley Abundent Life Worship Center, it’s a nice church in the next town over. I was introduced by my aunt Samantha and ever since it’s the same church that I and my family attend. Friday nights are youth night, Soul Purpose; I remember the excitement when I was young, it was the time when we learned about the word then played games with my friends. Oh the memories… there were events held such as the scavenger egg hunt. Seriously, it was an egg hunt, or better to say that you were hunted my eggs, haha. I drank 6 raw eggs that day and the clothes I wore were stained of yolk; it could not be salvage. I had great memories from my time with the youth group, Pastor Manny, praise and worship, the gym and the countless fun events. Now it’s my sister’s turn.

Although both me and my sister went the same church and attended the youth group, my sister accomplished more than I did. What I mean about that is, my sister became more involved with it. She’s a leader and she helps out with the arrangements of the events. As I, was just one of the kids who attend to goof around while hearing the word. At times, I wished I had been more involved, but me and my sister are two different people, who seeked different things. I still had a great time when I attended.

This past Friday, Soul Purpose held a talent show where many talented young people showed off their skills. Everyone was great and did an amazing performance. As I look through the pictures of the previous years, the church really put effort each year to make it better than the last one. This year was my first time going and I’m that I went. I felt as though I went to one of those American Idols shows. They had tables set up, judges and the decoration were amazing. I give props to the team who set up the event, they did an amazing job.

I knew only a few people who preformed; most of them were my sister’s friends. One group, Fire & Flame, finally performers that were MY friends, performed one of their songs. Their music is different, unique but with a loud statement. It’s not everyday that you hear heavy metal/rock christian music, but they delivered it. With Vicky’s amazing voice and Danny as the lead guitar, they will bring a new genre to music.




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