March 10, 2011

SmashBurger Date


The other day I took a half a day from work to enjoy a nice long weekend with Jorge. Before going home, I told him  that I wanted to grab lunch at a  place that a friend took me one time, Smash Burger. Jorge looked at me and asked, “Can’t we just go to Five Guys?” I immediately rejected him and he started to pout. Now, just some back story on me; I don’t like burgers, I’m not a fan of fried foods. I found a place that I actually find very delicious and I wanted to share it with Jorge. I was sticking to my plans, haha. I don’t know if there is a Smash Burger everywhere, but here in New Jersey we have plenty, so if you are ever around be sure to check it out. Oh, and Five Guys is not bad either, haha.

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