March 8, 2016

A winter engagement at the Van Vleck House and Gardens | Rob & Jackie



As Jackie fought to keep her long golden locks behind her ear, Rob would smile. Almost everything Jackie did, made Rob smile. It was adorable. After all, the man was going to marry the beauty standing in front of him, how could he not be overwhelmed with love and happiness?

For a snowy day in March, it was a beautiful day at the Van Vleck House and Gardens. Since I knew Rob and Jackie from high school, it felt like a mini reunion; catching up what we missed on each other’s lives, and of course, discussing all the exciting details of their wedding day. Which is this Saturday! Jackie has always been a gentle soul since I’ve known her throughout high school, and nothing changed Rob’s charming humor. Another perk of my job is that I connect with old friends, and it’s always great to see people from your childhood find love in the most unexpected places. After all, Clifton High school was HUGE!

I am super excited to celebrate these two on Saturday! As fun as their engagement was, I know their wedding day is going to be even better and beautiful!


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