March 9, 2016

Philadelphia Boat House Row Engagement | Kevin & Katie



There was a promise of spring in the air. The warm air and early blooms invited a large crowd to Boat House Row. People were running, biking, even lounging in the sun’s rays – it seems like everyone in Philadelphia was coming out from hibernation. Spring has a way of making a person feel ‘renewed’. Maybe it’s the pastel colors that paint the gardens or the new budding tree reaching for the sky. Or maybe it’s the chilly nights and over-sized sweaters that bring comfort, or the start of a new romance. Spring is the season of new beginnings.

Katie wrapped her arms around Kevin’s neck to bring him in for a kiss. When she pulled back, you can see the love shining bright in her eyes. She can only hope that with every kiss he felt her love. It’s obvious that Kevin loved her back with as much ardor. Sharing his infamous grin, Kevin grabbed Katie’s hand and continue their walk on Boat House Row.

Not a single person would disagree with me when I say that Kevin and Katie are vibrant, beautiful, and warm. Actually, they really match how Spring feels. Like most couples, one compliments the other. Spending the afternoon with them on one of the most beautiful days in March was good for my soul. They reminded me again and again, why I’m so blessed to do what I love, and that’s to document a love like theirs.



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