January 28, 2013

Valley Green Inn Wedding | Nina & Kyle


It was probably one of the hottest day of the summer, but also one of the gorgeous for a wedding. In July, I second shot with Nicole for Nina and Kyle’s wedding at the Valley Green Inn. Nina and Kyle, who are bowling King Pins (no seriously, I’ve been warned by their friends to run the other direction if you ever see them at a bowling alley), were absolutely fun to be around. They held their Jewish ceremony and reception at the Inn where I had the honor of witnessing the Ketubah, Chuppah, Nissuin, Yihud, and the Horah — I may be missing a few, I tried my best to remember all the traditions of their day. I also saw the breaking of the glass. I’ve seen this particular scene in the movies/shows, but never understood the true meaning behind it. I google the Jewish traditions and this is what I learned…

The Breaking of the Glass (Source: http://www.jewishweddingnetwork.com/jewish-wedding-traditions)
At the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, the groom smashes a glass with his foot and the guests then shout “Mazel Tov!” – congratulations and good luck. There are numerous interpretations of this custom of breaking the glass.  Some see it as as a symbolic reminder of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem while others interpret is as a symbol of the fragility of a relationship.  Psalm 147, “If I forget thee O’ Jerusalem,” is often recited or sung at this point of the ceremony.

To Nina and Kyle, Mazel Tov!


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