January 22, 2013

Honeymoon | Los Cabo, Mexico


Picking a honeymoon destination was a bit of a challenge for Jorge and I — we’ve never gone international together. Crazy, right? You would think within the 9 years of being together we would. Nope. Instead, we kept close to the surrounding states visiting Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, Wildwood and so on.

I have to admit, part of me was glad we never gone international, it made our honeymoon that much more special to us.

We made some friends at our resort. Apparently, Cabo is very popular with Canadians.

Of course the one morning I decided to wake up super early to see the sun rise would be the morning that was super cloudy… Well, I made the best of it and snagged some portraits of us.

During our stay everyone kept talking about how we must go whale watching. Since it was mating season, the whales are popular during this time of year (early January). Since we needed something to do off the resort, we booked a session. I’m so glad we did! We booked with Ocean Riders since they used small boats to get REALLY close to the whales. Seriously, what an experience! Although it took a while before we found any whales, when we did, I was in awe. They were so majestic and beautiful. I couldn’t help but think to myself, what was God thinking when he created these animals? 

On our last day in Cabo, we took the bus downtown. We walked around the pier looking for some gifts for our families. One gift I wanted so badly was this adorable long-haired Chiwawa… But Jorge was not having it…



Thank you Cabo for sharing your beauty, the food and the people with us. Hasta luego!

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