June 21, 2013

Tomorrow Is A New Day


Inhale. Exhale… It feels good to breathe! These past two weeks been a little rough and I have to admit, I did it to myself… well, most of it. I have a hard time pacing myself when it comes to getting a task done, whether is editing images, organizing the apartment (unpacking from our recent move), or starting a new project — I can’t stop mid way. And because it’s hard to break the habit, Jorge is constantly reminding me that I need to take things in strides before I bleed myself dry. This man knows me better than I know myself, making me appreciate him more than ever.

This weekend, I’m taking it slow. I’m not going to stay up until 2 in the morning painting and organizing my bedroom. Instead, I will arrange as much as I can before my movie date with my husband and brother (going to see Man of Steel, eek!). And whatever I don’t get done tonight, I’m not going to stress about it, cause tomorrow is a new day. Happy Friday!

My favorite of photo from second shooting with Isabel March Photography


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