June 15, 2013

Longwood Gardens Engagement | Yomi & Eji


When he asked for her number, he wasn’t expecting to get her e-mail. Yes, just her e-mail. Eji believed that if Yomi truly wanted to get to know her, he would put more effort than just sending her a text. And it worked! A few days after meeting for the first time through a mutual friend, Yomi messaged her asking her out on a date. Little did they know, it was a start of a relationship that bloomed into so much more.

I had a blast getting to know Yomi and Eji during their engagement session. They taught me how to say it’s a beautiful day (which I still fail to say properly) in their native tongue while I captured their story. Eji also shared the beautiful details of their upcoming wedding in Chicago, which I know will be fabulous. I mean look at them! How fashionable are they? I’m so happy that they dressed up for their e-session, it made it fun and also made for some gorgeous photos.

Of course we have to close off the session with something fun!

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