June 26, 2013

For the Home | Bedroom Board


I’m sure I mentioned before how much I dislike moving. It’s tiring, stressful and it takes a while before the place feels like home. Since moving into our little Phoenixville apartment, Jorge and I been sorting through our boxes; getting rid of things we haven’t used in years. And because of our attempt to conserve some storage space, it’s taking us longer than usual to getting settled in. But we are almost there! We’ve just sorted through the bedroom boxes and we’re now ready to decorate — the fun part of moving!

Planning the decor of our bedroom has been to be a bit of a challenge. Jorge, who is very masculine, and I, who is very chic, have a hard time agreeing on colors and furniture. But in the end, we managed to compromise on a few things. Jorge has his dark wood furniture and I will have my chic decor — the goal is to make the room comfortable and a place of peace.

Just like creating a branding board, I made one for our room. Naturally, as a natural light photographer, I want our room bright and open. Since Jorge and I agree on light pastel blue walls, I’ve searched for items that I think will compliment both his and my taste (I will not deny that most of it is my taste, but Jorge knows I’m good at making the apartment comfy and homey).

Granted it will be a while until everything is completed, but it will fun to see it all come together… although… it would be nice if I can do it without getting paint all over myself; last week we went to Panera and apparently I missed the huge blob of paint in the back of my leg, the waitress made sure that I, and everyone else in Panera, was aware of this…

I’m excited to finish off painting our bedroom tonight. While at Home Depot, we bought a few samples for the living room and office — the last rooms to sort! Hopefully by the end of next month, the apartment will be done! :)

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