October 25, 2012

Perona Farms Wedding | Amy & Joe


Amy and Joe exchanged their vows at the Perona Farms in front of their closest friends and family. It was one of the most intimate weddings I have been to in which I’ve had the honor of capturing. Amy and Joe are night and day, but  perfect for each other at the same time. Joe, who is a man of so little words, found himself a woman full of life, who is outspoken and kind-hearted. One of the things I love about Amy is how blunt she is and Joe’s reaction to her. Yes, he may turn red… A little… Ok, little is an understatement, more like a tomato. But it’s the cutest thing ever!

Amy and Joe, you two deserve nothing but love. And I’m glad you two found it in each other. I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon in Europe, even though I’m still a little bitter you didn’t take me to document it for you, haha. Wish you two the best! With much love, -V.

Also, a huge thank you to Jane for second shooting with me and keeping me on track. You’re the best!

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