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The coming of age | Happy 21st Destiny!

It’s been one whole week since she’s turned 21… it feels unreal… Not that my sister Destiny is finally the legal age, but the fact that 21 years came and went. Where did the time go? Where did the two little girls fighting for the same doll house — when we each had one of our own — go off to? What happened to the nights when we stood up playing ku-ku monsters in our bunk beds? Or the days I tortured my little sister for fun?

This is for you, Destiny. The story of how my life changed since the day you came home.

I remember the exact day I asked my mother for a sister. It was on a rare day that my mother did not have any work or school, I had her all to myself. I can’t remember what sparked the idea of having a sister, but I remember looking up at Mom as we were laying down watching cartoons and asked her for a baby sister. As she shared one of her sweet and soft laughs, her hand went to caress my untamed hair and said, “That’s not up to me, baby girl. You have to pray to God and ask him for a sister.” In 1.2 seconds, I jumped up to my knees and hugged my mother’s belly, praying out loud that God grant me a baby sister; who I can play with, change her diaper and tell her what to do. Boy, did my 6 year old mind had NO clue what I was asking for.

Over the months I watched Mommy’s belly grow, I didn’t understand how you were in Mom’s belly, but I knew it was because of God; so I would thank him each time I rubbed and kissed Mom’s belly. Before you were born, you were my best friend. I talked to you about my day every, single, day. I read to you. I felt you move. I even reprimanded you when you made Mom unwell (bossy tendency came early).

When Mom and Dad told me it was time. I kind of understood it meant I get to see you soon, but why did Mommy have to leave? And why couldn’t I go with her? I was scared the whole night Mom was gone. I cried for hours at a time, asking to be with Mommy, and eventually, I cried myself to sleep.

The next morning, I came flying down flights of stairs at the sound of the door opening. Mom was home. You were home. The minute I saw our tired Mother, she smiled. She took me by the hand and led to the living room where you stood laying in a car seat. As Mom removed the blanket, she whispered, “Vanessa, meet your sister, Destiny.” I couldn’t stop smiling. I have a baby sister, and her name is Destiny.

They say you remember very few things as a child. I think I remember so much of you — of us — because it was the happiest times in my life. Even though you stole half of the attention from Mom and Dad, or how you took my toys and cried when I took it back. Even when you annoyed me “just because” or climbed into my bed because of a scary dream. You were everything I asked for in a little sister. And to this day, that statement is still true.

I hope you know that even though we weren’t the closest growing up, due to my oh so charming teenage years, you were still my best friend — you are still my best friend.

Happy 21st, Destiny. Here’s to another few dozen years together, now as adults! And NO, you still can’t borrow my stuff!

Love you forever, your ta-ta.

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