March 20, 2014

Concordville Inn Wedding | Second Shooting


I have to admit, I was a bit worried for today. With yesterday’s rain I figured the first day of spring was going to be a flop. But as I walked out this morning to beat that morning rush hour, it was sunny and… (drum rolls)… warm. I know! All these snow storms had me cold to my bone. It was nice to actually feel a warm breeze on my face!

What better way to start off this beautiful day of spring but with a beautiful, bright, and sunny wedding!? Everything about it makes me miss summer. Here are some of my favorites from second shooting with Mike Handelman last year.

Concordville Inn Wedding photo-3Untitled-1 copyConcordville Inn Wedding photo-4Grey and teal wedding colors photoConcordville Inn Wedding photo-1Teal bridesmaids dresses photoConcordville Inn Wedding photo-5Concordville Inn Wedding photo-9Concordville Inn Wedding photo-7Concordville Inn Wedding photo-10Concordville Inn Wedding photo-6183A4775

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