December 4, 2012

Sweet beginnings | Our Love story


When I met Jorge, it wasn’t anything majorly romantic. It definitely wasn’t anything like the way movies make it out to be where the man saves the damsel in detress or “love at first sight” or at least I thought that’s how I would have met my One. Instead, it was a simple sweet encounter…

It was a rough week, one filled with exams, projects and catching up with friends. And Sunday was the day I had made promises with my bed to spend more quality time together. But my mother planned otherwise… after yelling back and forth, my mother forced me into getting ready for church, reminding me that it was the church’s sunday brunch. I was defeated. I wasn’t passing up the chance to stuff my face with free bagels, drinks and pasteries.

As I walked into church, I got goosebumps. I had an uneasy feeling that  someone was watching me. And there it was, 15 feet away, Jorge was standing in the entry way of service, staring at me. What’s his problem? I didn’t know Jorge, I’ve seen him around but I didn’t make any efforts to introducing myself. I wasn’t as outgoing as people say I am today, meeting new people made me sweat and all sorts of aches churned in my stomach, and worst of all, I get diarrhea of the mouth. Yeah. Go me! So to avoid making myself looking like a fool, I avoided meeting people unless other people introduced them for me.

After ignoring Jorge and stuffing my face with sweet goodness, service began. I headed to the seat my mother had reserved for me. Coincidentally, my mother sat us behind Jorge and his family. For some unknown reason, I couldn’t stop fidgeting in my chair. Then my thoughts started to flood my head, why would my mother pick these seats? This wasn’t our usual spot, where is Titi Donna sitting?  After some time, I finally decided that it wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t as if I had picked the seats, so it wasn’t like I was following him or anything.

During service, Jorge looked back at me repeatedly, making me very aware of his presence. At first, I thought he was just being nice, as if he wanted to share Bishop’s funny jokes with me. Then I noticed his subtle ways of looking at me, making me self conscious and even more aware of him. How was a girl suppose to pay attention to service!? After some time had pass, he turned around without saying a word to offer me his mentos candy, my favorite. I didn’t know what to do except smile and mouth, Thank you. His face turned a bright pink, nodded then turned away quickly. Did he just blush? Because of me? I’ve never made a guy blush before… maybe he’s not that creepy…?

After service I decided to go to the church store, I bought a mentos candy, when a sudden urge of excitement pulsed through me. Something was definitely wrong with me… excited to give a piece of candy to some guy she doesn’t know? Who does that? When I found him, I had a moment to admire the tall handsome man who was having a very intense conversation with a man beside him. He stood tall with his back straight, his shoulders were too broad for a 16 year old, his dress shirt giving away the fact he worked out every day, then there was his dark brown eyes that melted me to my very core. Whatever effect he had on me, I convinced myself it was black magic. No one should be that good looking. And the butterflies? Yup, I’m convinced, it was magic.

It didn’t take him more than a minute to realize I was standing there. All the courage I had built to hand him that candy left me in an instant, leaving my heels glued to the spot. And as if he caught his pray, the most flirtacious smile touched his lips then started to make his way toward me. Without saying a word, he stood no more than 3 inches from me, making me lean my head back.

Just give him the candy! My inner thoughts brought me back to real time. Have I’ve been staring at him this whole time!? How embarrassing. He stood there, with his head cocked to the side as if in question. I didn’t know what to say!? So without saying anything, I handed him a mentos candy. Taking 5 seconds too long looking at the candy, his eyes met with mine. They changed. From his predatory stare to warm, comforting and inviting.  And for the first time he spoke to me, taking my hand in his, introduced himself as Jorge Malave.

Nine years and 2 weeks later, I married my best friend, my partner, my love. And after all this time, he still has the power to make me melt and give me those butterflies. A sweet love that will never loose it’s taste (oh yeah! I just made that one up!).

Thank you Isabel for capturing our day. Making it as magical as our love! To see more, click here.


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