July 27, 2012

Save the Date


They’ve been sent! My Save the Date cards. The more I do for the wedding, the more it hits me. I’m getting married!

I’ve been getting better with the wedding planning. Although I haven’t picked my florist (still in the process of getting quotes), I’ve got almost everything else taken care of. There are a few loose ends that need to be tied up, but it’s getting there. Also, my amazing father took the liberty of doing the seating arrangements; with some minor changes, I can cross that off my to-do list. Now, all there is left are details, details, details. I’m sure choosing a masquerade wedding made things a little more complicated for myself… sigh… but hey! You only get married once, might as well go all out.

And here is our Save the Date photo! After the third attempt of taking our picture, I finally got the look I was aiming for. I’m sure Jorge was relieved that I was finally satisfied with our photo — no more huffing and puffing when I asked him to dress up to try at it again with my camera and tripod. Clearly, he doesn’t understand when you get the shot. This was my shot. I’m happy.

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