July 26, 2012

Lazaretto Wedding | Matt & Erin


The morning of Matt and Erin’s wedding, I was a wreck — like palms sweaty, nerves all over the place, kind of wreck. Not only was I a hot mess because I was shooting another wedding, it was more because I was second shooting for Isabel, one of the photographers that I admire. And she asked ME to second shoot for her!

I’ve shot my fair share of weddings. I am learning and will continue to learn. But when I started shooting with Isabel, I realized, I have ALOT to learn. Working with her was such a great learning experience. I also learn that second shooting is no easy task. You need to see everything at a different perspective and be attentive to any help the main photographer may need; even if that means missing the shot. I won’t get into details about it now, but plan for a future post on second shooting.

Now, for the guest of honor of this week’s post, Matt and Erin. Two funny, kind and laid back people — who allowed me to be apart of their day.  Although I was super jealous of their honeymoon to Ireland, I wish them nothing but, love, health and happiness.

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