April 16, 2012

Sneak Peek | Cassandra & Hector


I have been the absolute worst with keeping up with my blog. Horrible! But now that I’m just about caught up with pictures and the other chaos going on in my life (studies, work and family), I actually have some time to write today! Well… that’s a lie… Jorge is sick today and I should really be tending to him… however nurse Vanessa needs a break. And what better way than to give a sneak peak!?

Just recently I was out near Austin, Texas to see my lovely best friend, Cassandra and her husband, Hector. Two most awesome people ever, also the most adorable parents-to-be. Yes… she is pregnant, with a baby boy! It’s so unreal when someone so close to you is having a baby. I just remember singing N sync with her just yesterday (12 years ago). She is such a great woman and a great wife. And she is going to make a great mother. I can’t wait to meet baby Noah. I love you guys! See you soon.

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