July 26, 2013

Philadelphia Engagement | Anthony & Carla


When I asked Anthony and Carla how they’d met, they both looked at each other and simultaneous said, “at a club in Philadelphia,” then broke into a laugh as if sharing an inside joke. After Carla caught her breath, she share that ironically her and Anthony went to the same club each time however they’ve never bumped into each other. Isn’t it funny how fate works? All along they were mere few feet away from each other, but never met. Until one night, Anthony saw Carla from across the room and before another second could pass by, he gathered all his courage and bravely introduced himself to the sweet and charming woman. It was that moment that changed everything…

That was 9 years ago. They are now planning their beautiful wedding this September at The Inn at Lambertville Station, and I couldn’t be happier to work with such an amazing couple!

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