July 31, 2013

Woodloch Pines Resort Wedding | John & Maggie


What I love about John and Maggie the most is their ability to make you laugh until your cheeks hurt. They have a way of making you feel like family, even if you’d just met. Having the honor of working with two amazing people who are SO in love was a blessing. Not only did they welcome me into their family but they provided me with reassurance I needed on their wedding day. You’re probably thinking, “What?!”

All week I’ve been nervous about the weather. According to my app, weathercahnnel.com and the news, it was suppose to rain. So in preparation, I explained to John and Maggie how the weather might limit their portrait session and so on. I did my best to be professional and hid how truly nervous I was, but there was one thing Maggie said that gave me the confidence I needed, “Vanessa, we trust you.” That’s when it hit me. Rain or shine, John and Maggie trusted my ability to document their wedding. Let me say that again, they trusted me. It felt so good knowing that my bride and groom felt strongly of my abilities. It inspired me to give not just 100%, but instead 110%. For them, I would go the extra mile.

Thankfully it never rained! And if it did, I was pumped and ready to give it my all. John and Maggie’s wedding day was absolutely perfect. Surrounded by their dearest friends and family, they exchange their promises to each other, parents, and their sweet daughter Colleen.

John and Maggie, I love you guys! You truly are one of the best. Thank you for being so awesome and trusting me to document an important time in your lives. I hope you enjoy this new chapter in life as husband and wife! John — I hope you enjoy your images… ;)

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