March 10, 2016

Longwood Garden Engagement | Eddie & Megan



As Edward joked that he was forced into taking these pictures, Megan snickered as she pulled him in for a hug. Occasionally Eddie would step away from Megan to steal the spot light, giving the camera a little bit of this and a little bit of that… For all the noise that he was making, Eddie was certainly enjoying the session more than he put off.

While strolling through Longwood Gardens, Megan shared the story of how Eddie proposed on one of the coldest day in winter. It was on one of the bridges at Longwood where he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. A soft smile touched her lips as looked at the man who asked her to do forever with him. Forever with Eddie? Of course! She couldn’t imagine doing forever with anyone else.

My time with the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. was too short. We lost track of time as we roamed the beautiful gardens talking about everything and anything under the sun. With tons of Bridesmaids references and the permanent ache in our stomachs from laughing, it felt like I was hanging out with two of my closest friends.

I am so blessed to have cross paths with two incredible souls. And I’m super excited for Eddie and Megan’s wedding this April. It’s going to be beautiful!


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