May 25, 2018

Philadelphia Bartarm’s Garden Engagement | Andrew & Danielle


“I had an idea that a proposal was coming but I had no clue it was going be the night he actually proposed. We planned date night and made reservations at a restaurant neither of us had been too before. We wanted try something new. It was the best date. We talked about anything and everything, reminisced about the past, talked about the future, laughed and genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. We were so full but decided to get dessert to go. I remember it was freezing out. When we got back to the apartment I wrapped myself in a blanket. We said hello to our dog Tily. Andrew was playing with Tily while I was putting the leftovers away. Next thing I knew he said Tily has something. Which was the norm. She plays a mean game of keep away with remotes, socks, tupperware, literally anything and everything to get us to chase her. I went one way and he went the other. I cornered her, grab a box from her mouth and remember thinking we don’t own anything like this?! When I realized it was a ring box I dropped the blanket, handed it right to Andrew and went into a little state of shock. It couldn’t tell you exactly what he said but it was so sweet. Of course I said yes! It was the perfect moment with our little family. We had out to go dessert and champagne to celebrate!”

Andrew and Danielle were a breath of fresh air! I had such an amazing time getting to know the two and enjoyed how easy it was to talk to kindred souls. The entire time spent at Bartarm’s Garden was playful and we had a gorgeous evening with beautiful light – perfect to bring out the film camera. Congrats to the sweet couple on their engagement, next month they will be Mr & Mrs!

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