May 16, 2018

Ortley Beach New Jersey Engagement | Joe & Kerry


They’ve been friends since high school and throughout college, and even though the chemistry was strong between Kerry and Joe since then, nothing truly happened until a spontaneous trip with some mutual friends. It was right around that time, the group was planning a friend-cation to Punta Cana. While Kerry wasn’t originally up for the trip, it was Joe who convinced her to go. Thankfully she went, because it was the trip that change both their lives forever… On the last night in Punta Cana, Joe had a sweet surprise waiting for Kerry complete with wine and chicken fingers. She calls that chicken finger dinner their first date. While on the return flight home, the dynamic of Kerry and Joe’s relationship had shifted. It was during that flight when they realized they were meant for each other and have been inseparable ever since!

The day was perfect at Ortley beach. A special thing about Ortley beach is that it is the same beach that Joe’s father proposed to his mother!! What a beautiful way to honor his parent’s love! My heart grew in size for the two. Joe and Kerry truly celebrated their time together and showed just how bright their love shines. I can only imagine what their wedding day will be like…  Just look how beautiful the two are!  

How He Asked…

“We had been friends for years, and once we started dating, we quickly knew that this was meant to be. Joe proposed at our favorite restaurant in Princeton: Blue Point Grill. Dinner was almost over and we were waiting for dessert. I started to hear someone talking over a bluetooth speaker that was suspiciously placed next to our table on a window sill, and I was confused what it was. I whispered to the table next to me, “I think they accidentally connected to someone’s cell phone conversation! What’s going on?” Then I recognized the voice on the speaker as my brother, Tommy. Before I could really process what was going on, I looked up and Joe was down on one knee in front of me. He asked me to marry him, while the speaker played a rendition of one of my favorite Dave Matthews Band songs, professionally recorded with Tommy on the guitar and my MOH Claire on the vocals… I knew it was coming (I mean we got my finger sized sooo, lol), but definitely not that night. I had actually JUST arrived home from a bachelorette party in Napa at about 1am that morning. The restaurant is BYOB so I told him I’d bring a nice bottle of Napa wine for dinner that night, and he said “No, let’s save those for a special occasion.” So I DEFINITELY didn’t think it was happening that night.”

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