May 15, 2018

New York Central Park Engagement | Zachary & Katelyn


On their 7 year anniversary, Zach took Katelyn out to a cute Italian restaurant in the East Village. Since the couple is new to New York, exploring restaurants is one of their favorite way to spend time together. After dinner, Zack made a request that Katelyn open presents at his apartment building’s rooftop. Katelyn’s sixth sense told her this was the moment she has been waiting for!! Andddd part of it had to do with the fact that Zach did not have a present in his hand, to which he quickly responded “Oh it’s already up there”. At that point, Katelyn knew the whole way up those 5 flights of stairs that a proposal was coming. As Zach opened up the door to the rooftop, Katelyn immediately spotted the candles, rose petals and champagne decorating the space. In the next blink of an eye, Zach then dropped to one knee and popped the question. Katelyn was in awe for how perfect it was and she said YES!

I had a wonderful time getting to know Katelyn and Zach during their session in Central Park. They are social butterflies and easy to be around which makes for beautiful engagement photos! ;)

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