May 9, 2018

Ridley Creek State Park Engagement | Andrew & Erin


It was the case of younger brother meets older sister’s friend and fell in love. Honestly, it’s one of the sweetest stories I’ve heard in a while. Andrew first met the beautiful and kind Erin during a sorority family event. Erin was Andrew’s sister’s best friend and recently-made Little. There was only a 2 year age gap but that didn’t stop the couple from falling for one another. As two shy people, you could image how the first encounter went! Andrew was avoiding eye contact out of nervousness while Erin avoided him a bit since he refused to look at her – she was confused if he liked her or not (as a person). Seriously, that’s adorable and funny! But after spending sometime with each other, Andrew and Erin quickly developed a friendship that turned into the “I’m dating my best friend’s brother” and “I’m dating my sister’s best friend”. And now… they are getting married! I am very much looking forward to the couple’s wedding this winter. Here are a few photos of their romantic engagement session at Ridley Creek State Park! How he asked her:

We got engaged on December 8th, 2017 in one of our favorite places– Disney World! I had been planning the trip for over a year, as I knew that Disney World was the perfect place to propose and would make Erin happier than any other place. I had planned the proposal for the first day we arrived– after going to the park for the first half of the day, we returned to the hotel room to nap and relax before our dinner plans (which I had told her was Canada). While Erin napped, I sneakily got ready, and by the time she woke up was ready. As she got ready, I told her I had to stop by the Concierge quickly, and would be right back up to the room. Unbeknownst to her, I ran out of the hotel and caught the monorail, on my way to Magic Kingdom, the reason for this being I had a secret scavenger hunt for her to go on. 7 clues were created (with rhymes and all) which would take Erin to specific locations throughout Magic Kingdom, and would end up at her all-time favorite place Be Our Guest! So, I had left early in order to place the Clues #2-7 around the park, and left Clue #1 under Erin’s pillow in the room. Once I gave her a call and she eventually found the clue (I told her I left something in the room I needed for Concierge), she eventually met me at Be Our Guest for dinner, and we sat down for dinner at a table right by the Christmas tree (which the staff helped me get!). I knew Erin would have expected me to propose immediately after we met (once she knew something was up with the scavenger hunt and being at her favorite restaurant) I planned on popping the question right after the entree. I went to the bathroom after the entree was over, and headed back to the table along with the Manager who agreed to document the moment. Once I got back to the table, I told Erin I had one more surprise for her, and took out a fairytale book out of my bag. As she proceeded to ask me what to do with the book (hilarious!) I told her to go to the bookmarked page, and once she did she discovered a ring box within the heart-shaped hole I had cut in the book by the first page of Beauty and the Beast. I took the box out of the book, got on my knee, and asked– and she said yes!

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  1. Florence Moonan

    May 10th, 2018 at 9:58 AM

    A dreamy couple in a dreamy setting. May ALL of your dreams come true. Much love, Nanny and PopPop 🏰 💍




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