February 8, 2012

Sweet 16 | Alyssa


Doves flying, trumpets singing, my prince charming awaits for me. I slip into my glass like slippers, reapply my pink lip gloss and I’m ready. The white double doors draw closer. Chills run down my spine. This was my day. My first step into young adulthood. As I open the double doors, a cold breeze slips by. The ball was empty… nothing but a dark, cold, lifeless room.

“That is nonsense! I will not support such idiocy!” My dad obviously did not understand the importance of a sweet 16.

“Pero papi…”

“No, I will not waste my money. If you want one so badly, spend your own money.”

But that was impossible! I was a sophomore in high school, with no job and no cell phone at that (soft topic)! My parents were all about, if you want it, you pay for it. I thought if I bribed my father with cleaning the dishes for all eternity and taking out the garbage, I could persuade him into paying for my birthday ball. Nope. He didn’t budge. When I went to my mother, to use my I’m your first born child method; it slapped me in the face, “What did your father say?”

My dream, my ball, my sweet 16… became bitter and distant.

I became envious of my friends who had a sweet 16. At the time, I thought my parents didn’t love me. But I didn’t know better. My dad was thinking ahead, saving for my first car, putting money into my college fund. My parents thought long term, not short term. And for that, Thank you. Granted… a glass slipper would still have been nice ;)

Because my dreams were shatter. That wasn’t the case for Alyssa. Her dreams was held at the beautiful¬† Fiesta Banquet in Wood-Ridge, NJ. Her day was filled with joy, love and tons of purple! She honestly could have not picked a better color (cough… favorite color… cough). Not only was it a beautiful celebration, it was an amazing party. Alyssa and her quart showed us some amazing dance moves that left us star stuck. And the father daughter dance made you want to get up on the floor and break it down. Everyone was truly enjoying themselves. It was beautiful. Alyssa, Happy Birthday girl! You have such an amazing, fun personality. I hope you enjoy your 16th year!


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