July 17, 2012

Bridal Brunch


It’s exactly 5 months until my wedding. 5 months. And do you know how much planning and organizing I’ve done up-to-date? About 5 %, which is pretty much just booking my venue. I know! I’m horrible. I am made to take photos, not for planning weddings! There is so much details and patience that is required for a wedding. None of which I have apparently, however my wonderful sister and MOH, Destiny, does have. She was born to plan. Her birth was a plan in itself (maybe over exaggerating just a tiny bit)! Don’t get me wrong. I am organized, patient and I love planning things; like small gatherings, my next visit to the nail salon or what sweets I’m baking for that week. That’s as extensive as my plans will go.

In attempt to take charge of my own wedding, I set up a brunch with my fabulous bridesmaids. I was excited all week to see my chicas to talk about the latest news in our lives. Oh, and of course discuss wedding details. We met at a cute cafe, Ganache at the Hudson Tea, stuffing our faces with food and yummy lattes.

After boring the girls with what’s to come, there was one thing we all agreed we couldn’t wait to plan… the bachlorette party. Don’t worry Jorge, I’m in good hands.


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  1. Isabel

    July 17th, 2012 at 9:11 AM

    LOVE it! So excited to share in the big day with you guys!




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