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Lake George 2013

If you have told me 10 years ago that I would be adventurous as I am now, I wouldn’t believe you. Credits to my husband, for forcing me on hikes, surprising me with a parachute and jumping out of a plane, and pushing me down a snowy mountain without a clue how to ride a board. Needless to say, I grew to love the extreme sports/hobbies.

In August, Jorge planned a 4-day trip to Lake George — which we try to visit at least once a year. And with two of our good friends and my brother, we enjoyed a weekend of hiking, swimming, canoeing, cliff diving, boating, water tubing, and star gazing — we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, even if it meant sleeping on the ground for 3 nights, getting random bug bites and choking on firewood smoke. One of the funniest comments from my best friend Jane was, why do people come out to camp, why are we camping!? I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. And my response was easy, to get away from it all. Sure we could have gone to Atlantic City or Ocean City, but there’s something about sitting around the camp fire on a summer night laughing with your friends while making smores, or sharing the little knowledge we each knew of the millions of stars that lite up the sky or bunking in the same tent where we would continue our stories and jokes. In my opinion, camping is the perfect way to bond with those around you; and I loved every second of it. Oh, minus when Jorge failed to dock the boat and or how I nearly drowned or the time I face planted the water while water tubing… yeah… good times.

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This was my response when Jorge told me it’s a man’s job to start the fire and cook the meals. Huff, huff me Tarzan, you Jane.

183A5872 Untitled-3 copy 183A5977

I love Lake George. Just look at it! Sigh 183A6090 183A6093 183A6106 183A6109 183A6113 183A6116 183A6130 183A6175 Untitled-4 copy 183A6200 183A6211 183A6210 183A6221 Untitled-5 copy

See that little island there? That’s where we camped, in the middle of the lake! :) My favorite part is canoeing to our campsite.183A6364 Untitled-6 copy 183A6382

This picture does no justice. But it was absolutely beautiful seeing the stars each night. This is me trying to capture the Milky Way. 183A6438

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