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Tim and cara's winter wedding at the ballroom at the ben

Inn at Lambertville Station Wedding | Anthony & Carla

The moment I saw Anthony, he looked like he had forgotten how to breath. I could have mistaken him for a shy person, but it was just the wedding jitters. After all he is marrying the one person who means the world to him. A few laughs later and feeling a little less anxious, I left Anthony to be greeted by the stunning bride. Looking absolutely gorgeous and luminous, Carla was putting on her dress when it also hit her… In a few short hours she will be marrying the man that captured her heart 9 years ago. Her best friend. Her Love. Her nerves started sinking in… reminding her, she’s getting married!

Last weekend, Anthony and Carla started a new chapter as husband and wife, and I can not thank them enough for welcoming us with open arms while we documented their perfect wedding day. Anthony and Carla, we wish you nothing but love and happiness in your future. And thank you for being so amazing! With much love!

Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_02 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_03 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_35 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_04 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_36 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_05 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_38 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_06 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_29 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_37 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_07 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_08 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_09 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_10 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_30 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_31 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_39 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_40 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_11 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_12 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_41 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_01 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_34 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_43 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_13 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_44 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_45 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_32 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_33 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_46 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_14 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_15 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_16 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_17 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_47 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_18 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_19 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_20 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_21 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_49 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_22 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_42 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_23 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_50 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_24 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_51 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_48 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_52 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_25 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_53 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_26 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_27 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_54 Inn-at-lambertville-station-wedding_28

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