July 2, 2013

July Goals and Sneak Peeks


It’s July… No… did you read what I just wrote? It’s July! Already!  And it’s completely unacceptable that I have not visited the beach or indulged in caramel iced coffee. However I am happy that I got to stuff my face with zeppoles which I get once a year from the NJ Meadowlands Fair. What are zeppoles? It’s sweet yummy goodness smothered with powdered sugar. That, of course, was after an amazing time with Melissa and Tony at the Fair. Here’s a little sneak peek of their engagement session. Um, can you say gorgeous?!

This weekend is my first wedding of this year, and not as a second shooter! I am utterly nervous and excited. I’m more excited about using the things I’ve learned last year and applying it to this year’s weddings, such as what direction I want to go, how to respond to clients and my style – this was a major one for me. My style is something I’m still molding, but the more engagements and weddings I shoot, the closer I get to defining my style.

June was a crazy month. It was my birthday, I moved into a new apartment two towns over, I unpacked most of the apartment minus two rooms, shot two engagements (one was moved due to bad weather), planned for the 4th of July weekend,  found a gym and workout routine, got stranded in South Jersey for 3 hours when Sasha, my car, broke down coming back from an engagement session (that was fun!), fixed Sasha, and lastly found a wedding coordinator for the stylized shoot!

This month I’m taking it easy, here are a few goals I would like to meet:


1. Finish unpacking the last few boxes – Two rooms left!

2. Start a gym membership at LA Fitness – looking into getting a trainer, I’m already getting knots in my stomach.

3. Start decorating the bedroom – I started ordering from my inspiration board, I can’t wait to see the end result.

4. Look at colleges in the area.


1. Edit last month’s engagement sessions

2. Shoot 2 upcoming weddings – Prepare and settle all my nerves.

3. Contact Wedding Coordinator and discuss details

All seems reasonable? I need to set obtainable goals and stop overwhelming myself with a million and one things — I need to break the habit…

Happy Tuesday!

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