July 10, 2013

Meadowlands State Fair Engagement | Tony & Melissa


You know when you walk pass something and see it from the corner of your eye then do a double take? That was Tony when he passed by the office Melissa was being interviewed in. Tony had to make sure that his eyes did not deceive him when he saw the beautiful dark haired Italian woman sitting in the chair. It wasn’t long before Melissa joined the team and met Tony. They’d quickly became friends and Melissa found herself falling head over heels for him.  However Tony beat her to the punch, from the first moment they’d met, he saw something in her that hew knew he could love forever…

Melissa and I exchanged more than a few emails last week. We were worried about the possibility of rain and prepared for the worst. Thankfully, a day before their session, the rain clouds disappeared. And we had a fun and beautiful day at the NJ Meadowlands Fair!

Melissa and Tony were absolutely fun to be around. I know their wedding next summer is going to be nothing less than beautiful and I’m so excited that I will be there to continue their story. Here are a few favorites from their session.

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