October 11, 2013

Highland Orchards | Apple Picking


When I invited my brother and sister over for a day of apple picking, I wasn’t planning for it to be 86 degrees… in October! So you can imagine how I felt when I arrived at the orchard in my sweater and boots. My original plans included a cool autumn day, picking apples, playing tag in the long rows of trees and throwing rotten apples. Instead we had nats flying into our eyes, noses, and ears while slowly melting in the sun.  But even with what was given to us, we still had a blast. More importantly, I enjoyed the time spent with my siblings.

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Oh… this? This is a failed attempt at doing the wave… 183A9680183A9709

During our time there, I kept saying, “Oh, how cute would it be to have an engagement session here!”. In the end, I took a few photos of my own, thanks to my sister, Destiny! :) Untitled-5 copy

A new favorite…183A9751

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