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Happy Birthday to My One And Only

I remembered that your birthday was coming up — I saw it on the Sunday service pamphlet wishing you many blessings. I thought to myself, what in the world could I get Jorge? You see, I didn’t know you very long, we’ve just became friends that summer. And although you’ve expressed your feelings for me more than once, I wasn’t ready for another relationship. However you promised that you would wait, patiently, and you will be there when I needed you — your words meant so much to me, making you a dear friend of mine.

I’ve thought long and hard on what to get you for your 17th birthday. I wanted to gift you a memory rather than an object. But with no car and little savings from my part-time job, I decided to take you out for dinner instead; it would just be a surprise!

The thought of your reaction made me smile all week. I’ve never treated someone to a surprise birthday dinner before, and in my 16 year old mind, it was one of my best ideas! Since your birthday fell on a Wednesday, I asked if you were doing anything that Saturday? As if you already knew there was something up my sleeves, you smiled then calmly replied, “Whatever you have planned”. Of course I pouted at your response; I’m sure it was my enthusiastic tone that gave it away. The next second you burst into one of your famous laughs, making it hard to keep my pouty stance. As always, I let my Spanish attitude save face and demanded, “Be ready and at my house by 5:00pm. No excuses!” — this only fueled your laughter. Fighting to stand my ground, I rolled my eyes and walked away, but not without smiling and shaking my head at how ridiculous you can be.

Come Saturday, you showed up at my door steps at exactly 5:00pm looking absolutely handsome in the beige knit sweater that I once complimented you on. I also noticed you’ve just shaven. Not only could I smell the cool mint but I saw the spot where you nipped your neck. The thought of you shaving for me, when I knew you hated it, made me smile. Spending a second too long admiring my handsome friend, I took you by the crook of your arm and led the way.

After 20 wonderful minutes of walking, talking and laughing, we’ve arrived at Friendly’s restaurant. You looked up at the building then back down at me to find the blushing school girl that I was. This was all new to me and I wasn’t sure if it was too cheesy… or intimate? But I guess my idea worked. We enjoyed dinner together, just you and I for the first time, and you couldn’t stop expressing how thankful you were.

That day I considered being more than friends. I was scared of loosing you as a friend, but there was something different about you. Maybe it had something to do with how you gazed at me from across the table, or how you paid attention that I didn’t eat the end of my french fries, or maybe it was that contagious laugh of yours. Whatever it was, I felt it that day.


Poohbear, that was 10 years ago — the first of many birthdays we’ve celebrated together. Today, as you turn 27 years old, I just want you to know that words cannot express how thankful I am that God gave me you, my best friend, my better half, the butter to my toast (lol), so early in life. I love you with all that I am.

Happy Birthday, My Love.


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