November 25, 2013

Welcome to the World Baby Keilani!


When Nancy told me that she was 2 months pregnant in the middle of the restaurant, I jumped straight up from my crouching position and may or may not have told her to, “Shut up!”. We were out celebrating our friend’s birthday and I should have known that something was up from the enormous grin she was wearing that evening. My sudden outburst earned me laughs from our friends; apparently everyone was in on the secret except me. I was the last one to find out since I was busy with the wedding season; Nancy decided to wait until the next time she saw to me share the happy news —  which I’m glad she did. After taking a another second to reprocess that Nancy, my old friend from high school, was pregnant, I couldn’t contain my excitement — like monkey in circus ring I couldn’t stop jumping up and down, and clapping simultaneously.

On the morning of September 20th, we got news that a beautiful baby girl was born at 5 lbs and 2 oz! Although Keilani was born a month early, thankfully she was healthy and  strong. The next day, Jorge and I drove to New Jersey to welcome the new blessing into our little family of friends.

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The weekend of Keilani’s birth was Charly and Nancy’s maternity session — clearly she had other plans. We’d all agreed that Keilani couldn’t wait to make her debut. So on my next free weekend, I took another trip to NJ not to only indulge in wonderful baby scent and smother Keilani in kisses, but to gift Charly and Nancy something I knew they could cherish for the rest of their lives.  How precious is baby Keilani?! Love her face! 183A3939Untitled-2 copy183A4002183A4065183A4073Untitled-3 copy183A4117Untitled-4 copy

Look at the face! We tease Charly all the time that there is NO denying that’s his daughter. Although you can see Nancy in her, she is all Charly! :) 183A4188

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