October 21, 2016

Valley Forge Engagement | Patrick & Paige


She was nervous. Yeah, sure, the guy may have swiped right and so did she, but is she really going to meet someone from an online dating app? Is this something all her friends were doing these days?!? Being home for Spring break left Paige with some time on her hands, so when her girlfriends told her about a new dating app she figured she would give it a try — however Paige did not expect to find someone so soon! Although Pat sent the initial message, Paige squared her shoulder, took a deep breath and invited the hazel-eyed guy to a local bar. Yes, she was doing this!

Expecting their date to be a quick one, Paige was shocked that they’ve been sitting there for hours and the bar was ready to close! As soon and she sat down with Pat, she lost all concept of time and enjoyed every moment with him. For Pat, even though he worked a long day, he didn’t want their night to end; being with Paige felt natural, it felt right. After a few more dates, the couple made it official! They were boyfriend and girlfriend a month later. To think, all because of a dating app, these two found their forever person.

See! Although online dating can be tricky, that doesn’t mean you can’t find that one person to connect with! I loved hearing about how these two sweet souls met each other. Paige blushed a few times sharing their story during our initial meeting, and Pat just adore the woman sitting next to him as he relived the moments with her. Getting to spend a beautiful afternoon with the couple at Valley Forge was delightful. Pat took cuddling Paige seriously, and I absolutely adore how these two naturally connected. I look forward to their wedding next April!


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