October 1, 2018

Romantic Chic Engagement in Philadelphia | Nick & Melissa


Nick and Melissa met in the middle of summer during SIPS happy hour. Melissa was with her big from her sorority getting drinks and food after attending a graduate school fair at MD. While in mid chew, Melissa heard someone say something to her – she turned to see who this random person was. It was Nick. He mentioned how he was right behind her when they’d first entered the bar and wanted to say ‘hi’. This is where things get interesting… Most girls would have straightened up and said hi back, but not Melissa, she’s not like most girls. In fact she aggressively told Nick, “I’m eating”. Nick was completely caught off guard of her response, but very much intrigued. And instead of saying goodbye, Nick told her that he would come back later. And he did! Needless to say, Nick was charmed by Melissa’s up-front approach and well, the rest is history.

After reading how Nick and Melissa met I knew she was my kind of girl! Food before romance… let’s be real people… no one likes a hangry woman. I had such a great time getting to know more about the couple during their session. Nick and Melissa were easy to talk too that sometimes I had to remind myself that we were there to take photos. It was impossible not to get sucked into their charming and easygoing attitude – which made for some beautiful, romantic photos during their session.

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