May 3, 2013

Ridley Creek State Park Engagement | Daniel & Nicki


They grew up in the same neighborhood, played in the same sandbox and went to the same school since 1st grade. For Daniel, Nicki was the girl next door.  She was charming, funny and beautiful. It wasn’t until after high school graduation that Daniel had the courage to ask his friend and long time crush out; it was a blissful summer filled with many dates and many laughs. But their time together was short-lived when Daniel and Nicki when their separate ways for college – after the first semester of college, they’d both agreed to stay as friends.

Daniel was determined. He knew that Nicki was the one and didn’t want to lose the chance at true happiness. During his sophomore year, he transferred to Nicki’s college. Although he used the excuse that her college had a better baseball team, the real reason was because of her. It was always her.

After graduation, Daniel and Nicki picked up where they had left off. But this time it was different. Their love blossomed into something else, one that will last them a lifetime…

On Saturday, I got a glimpse of their love. It’s the kind of love you can’t help but admire – a sweet love. I can not wait to document the continued love story of Daniel and Nicki this July, where they will vow to forever cherish and love each other…  for the rest of their lives… eek!

Nicki, you are gorgeous!

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